Tuesday, March 9, 2010

it hurts...

"kamu ni xseswai ngn dia..apa la..mne ade jantan pgg beg..kalw nk kluar tu kne je pkai bju sme2 kaler..teddy bear pon nk kne bli sme2 jgk..xmatang lgsg!"

"sikit2 nk melenting...sikit2 nk jeles...nk salam pn xbg...xkn dye jeles kt org?dh mcm mak2 pon..tu laa...dh ckp...xmatang!"

trust me..it really hurts..when u heard stuff like dis hd been thrown from a mouth of an elder person, who is always smiles at u n keep saying "jgn gaduh2..smoga korg bdua hepi slalu", n u never expected it, it really DAMN HURTS..

n o yeah..1 more thing, u can't defend urself cos dis kind of person would never ever (..or so i think...) say dis 2 u cz she/he tried 2 b seen as caring of ur feelings...

and..when ur beloved one jz keep on silent, terkulat-kulat, n dont noe wat 2 say, it even hurts...but wat 2 say kan?alasan yg diberi: "kene jge ati org tua...xkan nk defend..jpg lg trok..so bek diam je.."
hmm...i were you, i won't jz shut my mouth 4ever...or at least, i'd say something...

"npe nk pk ape org len kte..yg pntg kte bdua sme2 phm,n slg mnyayangi..tp jgn brmasam muuke ngn dye pasni...jz aggp xpnh tw sal ni...wt bese sudah.."

can i say dis 2 u?
"npe org len nk nyebok hbgn kta?jz stand back n shut up xbleh?nk jgk sebok2..xleh tgk org hepi?i hate de busybodies.n kalw xleh defend org dpn org mcm tu, ape mkna hbgn ni?"

u dont start something u dont like, unless u r forced into it, don't u??

i feel embarrased, unprotected n unsecured wit dis thing..
n when u r hurted so much u dont wanna mess wit de stuff anymore, am i rite?

therefore, here i am wit a simplest word but hardest action 2 take...

I WANNA LEAVE U...........(or can i?)

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